Enjoy Annual Kabuki During Winter in Kyoto

Kabuki is one of the most traditional experiences in Japan.
This theatrical performance was born about 400 years ago, and since then Kabuki actors have been trying to maintain its tradition while also reinventing the craft and adjusting to each era.

Kabuki was first performed by a lady called Okuni, and the place she chose was, of course, Kyoto.
And there is a prestigious theater where countless Kabuki performances have been delivered called Minamiza.

Unfortunately Kabuki performances at Minzamiza are performed in limited engagements. They do have performances almost all year round but other types of performances such as concerts and modern theatrical acts also take place.

But every year certain Kabuki performances called Kichirei Kaomise are held at Minamiza in November and December. Thus for those who are keen to experience Japanese traditional theater, go ahead and make a reservation in advance. The tickets for the first half (November 30th – December 13th) will be sold from November 15th and those for the second half (December 14th – December 26th) will be sold from November 29th.

For Kichirei Kaomise, attendees can choose between a show before noon (10:30 – ) or a show at night (16:30 -). The price differs depending on the seat (5500 yen – 27000 yen). Tickets will be available for booking from November 15th at their official site (English page).

There will be another article which introduces and depicts this impressive performance for first timers.

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