Night Art Aquarium Event at Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle in Kyoto will celebrate the 20th anniversary of being designated as a World Heritage Site by holding a night art aquarium event from October 24th – December 14th 2014. This special aquarium features a combination of golden fish, traditional culture and modern art.

Nijo castle in darkness
Nijo castle in darkness

Among the artistic displays, a gigantic fish bowl called “Oiran”, projection mapping focusing on golden fish and a Kimono of “Kyo Yuzen” (Kyoto’s special dyeing method) in a tank sound especially interesting and could be worth checking out.

In addition, there is space where local food, tea and sake are served. Also, Kyoto’s traditional works and crafts are displayed.

PRICE: 1500 yen/adult, 1000 yen/4 y.o to elementary school students, Free/under 3 y.o.
OPEN HOURS: 17:00 – 22:00 Note that on first day (October 24th) it opens at 19:00.

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