Juicy Chicken Burger at Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium
Kyoto Aquarium

For those traveling with children Kyoto Aquarium, along with Kyoto Zoo, might be good places to visit.
It might sound strange to go to this type of place on an international trip, but unless children are very interested in Japanese history and architecture, visiting temples and shrines all the time can be dull for them. A child-friendly stop can put a “break” between these historical spots, refresh their mood and help them be able to enjoy visiting shrines/temples again.

Kyoto Aquarium
Kyoto Aquarium

At Kyoto Aquarium, it is fun to try their food as well as check out all the fish and sea animals they are proud to introduce. As of the end of September, they have various Aquarium-themed bread and drinks at Kaijyu Cafe in the seal area. The Dolphin Stadium also has a concession stand selling items such as fries and a ‘penguin float’. And at Harvest Cafe on the second floor behind the Dolphin Stadium, they have hotdogs, burgers, drinks and ice cream, which all use local ingredients. For example, there is a Kyoto Vegetable Ice Cream and a Kyo Tsukemono (Kyoto Pickles) Hotdog among the others. In addition, from October 3rd, a new hotdog called “Ayu no Shioyaki Hotdog” (a hotdog with a whole fish (called Ayu) including its tale and face) is on sale for a limited time.

However, I personally enjoy the Chicken Burger (with local leeks). They use deep-fried chicken thigh. This might be one of the juiciest chicken burgers in Japan. Honestly, it is surprising to eat a burger with this level of quality at an aquarium, and this will make both adults and kids happy.

Chicken Burger at Kyoto Aquarium
Chicken Burger and Fried Chicken at Kyoto Aquarium

PRICE: 2050 yen/Adult, 1550 yen/College & High School Student, 1000 yen/Junior High & Elementary School Student, 600 yen/Kids older than 3 y.o.
OPEN HOURS: 9:00 – 17:00

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