Virtual Tour of Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle released a special view on its official website, where visitors can take a virtual tour of some parts of Ninomaru Goden Palace. This is a rare opportunity because taking photos inside this place is not allowed.

Nijo Castle in Winter
Nijo Castle in Winter

This is called Pano Walk (Panorama Walk) and visitors can adjust the view just like Street View on Google Map. It is very user-friendly and intuitive.

Ninomaru Goden is a very important place when it comes to Japanese history. It was here General Yoshinobu Tokugawa returned the governing right to the Imperial Family in 1867. In other words the era of Samurai class domination was over.

Pano Walk is pretty impressive, and it is worth checking out for those who are interested in visiting Nijo Castle and Kyoto. However, it does not cover all of the rooms inside the palace. In addition, because there are many other beautiful spots at Nijo Castle, be sure to actually pay a visit.

To use this service, click here and then the green button on the bottom of official website (an English version is not provided).

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