2014 Autumn Leaves Forecast in Kyoto

Thanks to its geographical location, Kyoto is full of nature.
At the busiest cross road of Shijo Street and Karasuma Street, look around.
Mountains can be seen every direction between the buildings except for in the south, where Kyoto Station building stands proudly.

Kiyomizudera in fall
Kiyomizudera in fall

This means, people in Kyoto can enjoy different atmospheres and views every season.
And soon enough, autumn leaves season is coming.

But when?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to forecast exactly when the best season for viewing the colorful autumn foliage will come.
The following is my personal forecast based on data such as the average time and my own instincts as a Kyoto local. The best season usually continues for one week to two weeks.

Arashiyama: November 20th –

Sagano: November 25th –

Ohara: November 15th –

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Kiyomizudera Temple: November 20th –

Eikando Temple: November 20th –

Tofukuji Temple: November 18th –

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