Events for Nijo Castle Festival 2014

Every autumn, Nijo Castle holds its festival. This annual festival consists of several different events. Because this is the 20th anniversary of Nijo Castle being designated as a World Heritage Site, there are more events.
Most events are held on weekends, so for those who plan to come to Kyoto in fall and winter, it might be a good idea to visit Nijo Castle on the weekend to experience as much as possible.

Nijo Castle in Winter
Nijo Castle in Winter

Here’s the list of events for Castle Festival 2014
Opening Event (10/18): Miss Kimono Kyoto will hand out presents to promote the Castle Festival.
Traditional Puppet Show (10/18): A few traditional puppet shows are performed. Note that this is a paid event.
Local Product Market (10/18 – 11/24): Kyoto’s local products are gathered and sold at booths in Nijo Castle.
Art Aquarium (10/24 – 12/14): Read “Night Art Aquarium Event at Nijo Castle“. Note that this is a paid event.
Street Performance (11/16): Performances such as juggling and mime will be conducted.
Special Opening of Turret (12/16, 1/18): The turret on south west side will be open.
Falconry (1/11): Falconry performances & taking a picture with a falconer.
Special Opening on New Year Holidays (12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 1/1-4): Nijo Castle’s gardens will be open. Note that Ninomaru Palace will be closed.

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