Use All Transportation Services in Kyoto with Kyoto Free Pass

Kyoto has many different transportation services, for example, City Bus, Kyoto Bus, Keihan Bus, JR Bus, Subways, JR Lines, Keihan Line, Hankyu Line, Keifuku Line and more, run by different organizations.

This usually causes people to stick to one or two of these services, which is usually a good idea. However, it is more convenient, if one can use all of these services without the difficulty of getting a different ticket every time. There is a perfect solution for this.

Kyoto City will start selling a one day pass, which allows a visitor to use 14 different transportation services in Kyoto, called “Kyoto Free Pass”. With this one day pass, it is basically possible to travel all over Kyoto, even to Kurama, Arashiyama and Ohara. This should definitely make things easy for tourists.

This pass is available from December 6th 2014 to March 22nd 2015 for 2000 yen/adult and 1000 yen/child. JR’s ticket reservation office at Kyoto Station, Kyonavi (information center on the second floor at Kyoto Station) and Kyoto City Bus/Subway’s ticket offices. This pass comes with a map which clarifies the scope of this pass and facilities that provide discounts for passholders.

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