WiFi Spread Further In Kyoto including McDonalds from March 2015

One problem visitors in Kyoto have had is the limited availability of WiFi connection. However, Kyoto city has been getting more serious about providing WiFi service to tourists, not just from other parts of Japan but also from all over the world.

And now the areas where WiFi service is available are getting even bigger. It used to be limited mainly to Seven Elevens, subway stations and bus stops. But from March 2015, visitors in Kyoto can use WiFi at all McDonald’s stores, Kyoto International Manga Museum, Randen’s Arashiyama Station and more. In total, there will be 1400 points.

In addition, WiFi users do not have to obtain a guest code, which can be troublesome. I don’t know how many foreign tourists want to eat at McDonald’s, but it is understandable to feel like tasting something familiar. In that case, use this service as well and finish sending out emails to friends/family members to tell them how the trip is going.

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