Starwoods’ Luxury Hotel Coming to Arashiyama Spring 2015

Among those who stay at luxury hotels when traveling, and especially for those coming to Kyoto, this is note-worthy news.

For the past few years, luxury hotels have been establishing their businesses in Kyoto. Before that, there were several Japanese luxury “ryokan” hotels in Kyoto, but not many western style ones. However, starting with the Hyatt Regency, luxurious hotel groups are coming to Kyoto in droves. Ritz Carlton Hotel opened this year and Four Seasons is going to open very soon. These hotels are centered around accessible areas from sightseeing spots. But this new hotel will be opening in the Arashiayama area, where they have fewer competitors.

This new hotel is called Suiran Luxury Collection Hotel Kyoto and will be operated by Starwood Hotels & Resorts from Spring 2015. Suiran Luxury Collection Hotel Kyoto is set to be the most luxurious kind provided by this group. This hotel is being built in the center of Arashiyama’s sightseeing spots, and guests can see the beautiful Hozugawa river from their room.

In my opinion, this hotel is perfect for people who have stayed in Kyoto before, and want to stay in this area for one weekend, just relaxing at the hotel and maybe taking a walk to nearby scenic spots such as Togetsukyo Bridge, Tenryuji Temple and Bamboo Alley.

This hotel is a potential competitor to Hoshinoya, which is one of the most popular (a reservation is required at least 3-6 months in advance) and luxurious hotels in this area.

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