SIM cards are available at Convenience Stores in Kyoto

Recently Kyoto City expanded its free WiFi network to Mcdonald’s to respond to the increasing demand for internet access from tourists.

In addition to that, the SIM cards are available at Kansai International Airport and City Bus and Subway ticket offices at Kyoto Station.

Now a company called X-mobile is selling a prepaid SIM card at a convenience chain, CircleKSunkus in Kyoto City (and Hokkaido). This card uses NTT Docomo’s cable, which is one of the biggest cable companies in Japan. This card is sold at the price of 2900 yen (plus tax). Users of this card can access the Internet with high connection speed up to 100 MB/day for 15 days. When this limit is exceeded, access speed will slow down to 128 kbps.

Note that this is a nano sized SIM card. X-mobile also sells a SIM adapter kit, which supports normal SIM and microSIM, for 500 yen (plus tax).

CircleKSunkus can be found around the intersections of Karasuma/Hachijo Street near Kyoto Station’s Hachijo Exit, that of Karasuma/Marutamachi, Sanjo/Kawaramachi, Horikawa/Imadegawa, Shichijo/Horikawa and more.

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