Hotels with Bus Service from/to Kyoto Station

Access to Kyoto Station can be important, especially for tourists with gigantic bags.
For those who can travel light, taking a taxi, subway or even a bus might not be an issue. But with suitcases, and after a long flight/train ride, it is understandable to want to make transportation to the hotel as easy as possible. Thus hotels near Kyoto Station sound attractive.

However many hotels, mostly out of walking distance from Kyoto Station, provide free shuttle bus service for their customers. These hotels include:

Westin Miyako Hotel
Rhiga Royal Hotel
ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Kyoto
Daiichi Hotel Kyoto
Kyoto Tokyu Hotel
Hotel Okura

Other than Hotel Okura, visitors can take the shuttle bus from the bus stops on the Hachijo Side of Kyoto Station (opposite of Kyoto Tower). For those who are staying at Okura, be sure to ask the hotel staff how to use their welcome lounge located outside Kyoto Station since it is not listed on the English site. Note that the shuttle bus is free, but usually keeping luggage has a fee (such as 300 yen per bag).

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