Art Projection Mapping at Kyoto National Museum

Kyoto National Museum will host an innovative projection mapping project produced by a well-known media artist/professor at Kyoto University, Naoko Tosa.

This projection mapping is a memorial event celebrating the 400th anniversary of a school of Japanese painting callede Rinpa. Rinpa boasts a gorgeous style using gold and silver. Naoko Tosa prepared content based on a famous painting, Fujin/Raijin (Wind and Thunder Gods). The original work was painted by Sotatasu Tawaraya who was one of the first members of Rinpa. Kenninji Temple used to own this masterpiece, but it is on long term loan to Kyoto National Museum.

The most unique point of this project is that this work does not use any computer graphics. It was made by high speed photographing of how paints and oils are moved by sound vibrations. Also, this work includes an innovative technique performed by a famous flower arrangement artist and a footage of the Kyogen, a traditional theatrical performance (Kaminari) performed by Ippei Shigeyama.

It is hard to imagine and even I am excited to discover how traditional art will be combined with modern technology. Kyoto National Museum will hold this event for four days, from March 12th – 15th. The projection mapping will be broadcast from 18:30 – 20:00. Note that it is free, but requires a reservation in advance. Reservation can be done by Naoko Tosa’s homepage.

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