Sakura Latte is Back at Starbucks Japan

They are coming back. The flavor of the cherry blossoms aka Sakura in a coffee cup.

Starbucks Japan will serve their popular and seasonal Sakura flavor again, from February 15th to March 17th. Those who has been living in Japan for years or those who have researched weather reports extensively know that it is not THE season where the bright cherry blossoms are in bloom. In fact, “usually” they are in full bloom in the beginning to middle of April, depending on the types of the cherry blossoms. So, in a way, this is a nice “flavorful” Sakura experience for people who can not come to see the cherry blossoms.

Sakura Chocolate Latte with Strawberry topping
Sakura Chocolate Latte with Strawberry topping

Every year Starbucks change the flavor a little. For example, they served the Sakura Chocolate Latte with Strawberry topping last year (the picture above). And this year, Starbucks proudly presents a Caramel Sakura Chocolate Latte (Short/420 yen, Tall/460 yen, Grande/500 yen, Venti/540 yen) and a Caramel Sakura Chocolate Frappuccino (Tall/520 yen, Grande/560 yen, Venti/600 yen). Although Starbucks announced that they will serve them until March 17th, they also mention that they will stop being sold as soon as the ingredients are all used up. And as a matter of fact, sometimes they finish in the beginning of March.

In addition to the beverages, Starbucks will also serve a Sakura flavored food, Sakura Chiffon Cake (tube cake) from February 15th to March 31st, which could also possibly finish before the official end date. Furthermore, for the hard core Sakura fan who isn’t be satisfied with drinks and food, check for Sakura themed tumblers. The yellow and pink version which depicts the cherry blossoms starting to open will be available from February 15th, and the vivid pink version that represents the vigorous full bloom will be available from February 27th. As with other Sakura themed items, they will also sell very quickly.

For those who are curious about these items, check the following map. In addition to these stores, there are three Starbucks stores around Kyoto Station (two in the underground shopping center called Porta and one at the first floor of Kyoto Tower).

Starbucks in Kyoto
Starbucks in Kyoto

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Update: This is the Caramel Sakura Chocolate Latte.


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