New Ninja Themed Attraction in Toei Kyoto Studio Park

For those who are interested in Ninjas and what they can do, this new attraction will be very fun and interesting.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park, which reflects the scenery, everyday life and culture of Japan in the Edo Period (1603-1867), will open a new attraction called “Ninja no Toride” (Ninja Fort) on March 14th 2015.

This new attraction is a maze in a 3 story building. The participants need to avoid many Ninja tricks and gimmicks and reach the goal. According to the official website (information in English is not provided as of this writing), there are two courses 1. knowledge course and 2. athletic course. The knowledge course is aimed for everyone whereas the athletic courses is good for people who are familiar with or good at exercising on a regular basis. For both courses, it is recommended to wear sneakers and pants.

The price are set as follows:
Adult (older than middle school student) – 500 yen
Child (3 y.o – elementary school student) – 400 yen
This means, children under 2 y.o can not enter. In addition, children from 3 y.o to 5 (or 6) y.o must be accompanied by an adult.

Note that these fees are required in addition to the general entrance fee which is:
Adult: 2200 yen
Middle & High School Student: 1300 yen
Child (Older than 3 y.o and younger than middle school student): 1100 yen


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