Good Bye Locomotive Museum, Hello Railway Museum

Japan has one of the best and safest railway systems in the world, and hence there are many people who are just crazy about trains.

Because of the large population of train lovers, it totally makes sense that there are a few train related museums in Japan. And one of them is in Kyoto. Technically, it is a locomotive museum in Umekoji Park Area.

For those who happen to come to Kyoto within the next 4 months and like the railway, it is a good idea to put this museum on the itinerary, because it will close down on August 30th 2015.

It has been an attraction for kids and adults in Kyoto for 43 years. And it is sad to see it go. However, there is great news as well. A new railway museum will open in the same area in March 2016. Some of the displays and locomotives will be exhibited at the new museum including an SL Steam locomotive and a wedge shaped garage.

This new railway museum will be the biggest of this kind in Japan and plans to host about 50 carriages.

For more information on the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum, visit their official site.

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