Perfect Kyoto Gift Made by Character Figure Maker Kaiyodo

Japanese pop culture has plenty of fans scattered across the world.
One way people express their love is collecting character figurines. They are usually characters from comics, animations and movies.

There is a company called Kaiyodo which has been making very sophisticated character figurines for 50 years. And this established figurine manufacturer will make toys for Kyoto.

They have actually already tested this approach in certain parts of Japan including Tokyo and Hokkaido. These toys are available from a type of toy vending machine called Gatcha Gatcha (depicting the sound that the machine makes when releases the toy). There are a many different toys in the machine, but what you get depends on luck. In Tokyo, there are Sumo Wrestlers, Tokyo Government Building and so on.

In Kyoto, the set will include Kiyomizudera Temple, Maiko (geisha in training) and more. The price is set between 300 and 400 yen, and according to the company these toys will be sold at major sightseeing spots from May 2015.

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