Projection Mapping & Illumination at Kodaiji Temple 2015 Spring

From March 6th – 15th, Kyoto is proudly holding an annual event called Higashiyama Hanatoro. During this event streets near Kiyomizudera Temple, Kodaiji Temple, Maruyama Park, Yasaka Shrine, Chion-in Temple, and Shorenin Temple are lit up, with some of these establishments also illuminating their premises (paid).

This year, Kodaiji Temple seems to be worth visiting, especially because they are holding a projection mapping, which should motivate everyone in planing to visit this area. This projection mapping depicts a microcosm in a garden called Hashintei. In addition, on the wall of Shou Museum, which displays historically valuable items related to Kodaiji Temple, a pattern of kaleidoscopes is also projected, thanks to a collaboration with the Kaleidoscope Museum.

The great thing about Kodaiji’s illumination is that it continues even after Higashiyama Hanatoro is done, until May 6th.

Price: 600 yen/Adult, 250 yen/High & Middle School Student
Open Hours for illumination: Sunsets – 22:00
Period: March 6th – May 6th

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