View Old Kyoto Through Paintings From A Few Hundred Years Ago

Kyoto is one of the most historical cities in Japan, in fact it was the capital of Japan for about 1200 years. The current Kyoto is a mixture of the latest and the oldest of Japan, which sometimes disappoints visitors expecting that the old landscape has been kept throughout the city. Although Kyoto City has been trying to protect some of the historical landscapes, it is very difficult to see the landscape from 200 or 300 years ago, without interference of the modern high buildings.

However there is an option, which is to see Kyoto City through paintings created several hundred years ago. And the Museum of Kyoto currently displays these valuable paintings. These works were made throughout the Edo period (1603 – 1868). The great thing about these works is that they depict not just the buildings but also people. Because of this, insights to the questions about how people lived, what kind of clothes were they wore, and what kind of transportation was available at the time can be learned. Also, it is interesting to see how Kyoto and its people have changed through paintings which were created at different times. This special display will end on April 12th.

For those interested in visiting this museum, purchasing a ticket for this special display will include general displays and the mini movie theater. In addition, visit this page (PDF) for a 100 yen discount ticket and print it out. This discount ticket can be used for up to two people, but cannot be combined with other discount tickets. 

Price: 1200 yen/Adult, 800 yen/College & High School Student, 400 yen/Middle & Elementary Student
Open Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Closed on: Mondays

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