Kyoto Tower Plans for Total Renovation to be Sightseer’s First Destination

Kyoto Tower is regarded as a symbol of Kyoto City along with Toji Temple, especially when people visit Kyoto by trains. To further strengthen this image and to invite even more people to the top of tower to let them see Kyoto’s view, Kyoto Tower is going to be fully renovated.

The company that runs the tower said in the press release that they want the visitors of Kyoto City to first climb up the tower to imagine their destination.

Kyoto Tower announced that they will close their Kyoto Second Tower Hotel to make a flagship luxury hotel, and connect it to another hotel, Kyoto Century Hotel. Also, they will renovate the 1st and 2nd floor to set up gift shops which will sell animation goods as well and a section where tourists can enjoy Japanese traditional culture, such as a tea ceremony. This total renovation starts this year and will finish in 3 years.

As a Kyoto citizen and big fan of this beautiful & historical city, these are some improvements I’d love to see.

1. Information & Ticket Center
Kyoto Station has a big information center but Kyoto Tower should also provide an information center which sells tickets such as a One Day Bus Pass, tickets to popular sightseeing spots such as Kinkakuji Temple & Nijo Castle, and tickets to venues such as Kyoto Aquarium & Kyoto Sanga games (local soccer team).

2. Cafe Space with Free Internet and Printer
Along with an information center, it would be nice if there were a cafe where customers could use computers to search for information and print it out for free. Maybe in addition a cup of coffee, green tea and Japanese traditional sweets can be served.

3. Photographers & Guides
The primary reason why people visit Kyoto Tower is definitely to see the view from observatory. Therefore it would be nice and practical to have guides who could give a little information about the view and assist with taking pictures.

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