Event Calender in Kyoto June 2015

Takiginoh Performance at Heian Jingu Shrine June 1st & 2nd

As mentioned in “Takigino Preview – Rare Opportunity to See Traditional Theatrical Performance for Free“, Heian Jingu Shrine hosts Takiginoh (a traditional theatrical performance) on June 1st and 2nd. This event is for anyone who wishes to expose themselves to classic Japanese performance. Noh boasts a unique style where main and supporting actors wear masks. Reservation tickets are sold at many hotels in Kyoto City. Tickets might be sold at Heian Jingu Shrine on June 1st and 2nd depending on availability. For those who will not be here on June 1st and 2nd, but happen to be in Kyoto on May 17th, then it is a great idea to visit Museum of Kyoto to see the preview.

Free Public Opening of Garden at Heian Jingu Shrine June 5th

This is another annual event held at Heian Jingu Shrine. On June 5th, Heian Jingu Shrine’s highly rated garden is going to be open for free (usually it costs 600 yen/adult and 300 yen/child). This is the best season for viewing irises. This garden was built with a pond as a focal point and consists of four different sections which are located north, south, east and west of the main building. 8:30 – 17:30.

Hand Craft Flea Market at Hyakumanben June 15th

Chionji Temple, usually referred as Hyakumanben, hosts a flea market every 15th. There is the possibility of finding one of a kind gifts, since dozens of hand craft artists gather to sell their works. For those who are interested, it is also a good opportunity to visit Shimogamo Shrine and Kamogawa River, which are both within walking distance. 8:00 – 16:00. This flea market opens even if it rains.

Nagoshi Purification at Shrines in Kyoto June 30th

Many shrines in Kyoto (and Japan) put up big circle objects made of thatch. Here is how to join the purification. 1. Bow once in front of the thatched circle. 2. Go through and turn counterclockwise, back to the front. 3. Bow again, then go through and turn clockwise back to the front. 4. Bow, then go through and turn counterclockwise once more. 5. Bow at the alter. The following shrines are chosen due to their accessibility.

Yasaka Shrine

Heian Jingu Shrine

Jinushi Shrine (Kiyomizudera Temple)

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