Large Kimono Rental Coming to Next to Kyoto Station

Wargo, a company that operates rental Kimono stores in Kyoto, will open its latest & fifth Kyoto location on the 3rd floor of Kyoto Tower on June 1st.

This rental space will be one of the biggest with about 2000 sets of kimonos available. This new location boasts a hair salon and photo studio. It also has a luggage service, which will definitely make tourists happy.

The best thing about this store is its price. For 2900 yen (online payment), a visitor can rent a set of kimono. Some might worry that putting on a kimono looks difficult. Indeed it is. Because of its complexity, there is even a qualification exam to be a teacher of how to wear a kimono correctly. But don’t worry. Professional staff will help any visitor wear a kimono, and this is included in the set price.

However, the number of staff are limited, and it takes time to put on a kimono, reservation is highly recommended. In fact, according to the official website, during Golden Week (consecutive holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May) most stores were fully booked.

Visit Wargo’s website for details and making a reservation.

For those visiting Kyoto before June 1st, visit their existing locations, which can also be found on their website, at Shinkyogoku arcade, Kiyomizuzaka slope, Ninenzaka slope and Kinakakuji store.

Wearing a kimono and sightseeing around Kyoto is a real Japanese experience.

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