Kyoto Marathon 2016 Website

There is great news for those who love Kyoto and exercising.
Kyoto Marathon, which usually is held on February, will be back again.
This is a sure thing, since their 2016 website has opened.

In 2016, Kyoto Marathon will be held on February 21st (Sunday).
Details are not available at the time of writing, but according to the website the application process will start at the end of July. Expect that there will be a lottery to choose runners since last year there were three times as many applicants as actual runners allowed by Kyoto Marathon.

As a runner of the last Kyoto Marathon, I can testify that it is a very fun and rewarding experience for anyone who likes traveling and jogging/running. The course features beautiful rivers, mountains, historical buildings and modern streets in Kyoto. There were actually many runners who stopped and took pictures during the race. Plus, at the last food/drink table Kyoto’s No.1 traditional sweet called “Yatsuhashi” is provided.

Therefore if running and sightseeing (before, during, or after the marathon) sounds attractive, schedule a trip around February 21st. Note that all runners must check in one or two days before the marathon in Kyoto.

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