Fish Meet Dinosaurs at Kyoto Aquarium Summer 2015

This summer Kyoto Aquarium will host a dinosaur event.
This is to let people learn how living creatures have evolved from comparing the dinosaurs and fish/animals at the aquarium.

Kyoto Aquarium
Kyoto Aquarium

For this summer event, Kyoto Aquarium will put up four different skeletal preparations. At entrance the 5 meter-long Fukuisaur will welcome visitors. This dinosaur was found at Fukui Prefecture in Japan, and it was a plant-eating dinosaur. The gigantic display should make visitors excited, and also will serve as a picture taking spot.

The Kyoto River Zone will feature a skeletal preparation of Animantarx. This particular dinosaur had a strong armor, which is the reason why it is called “living fortress”. This display will compare this dinosaur with a salamander, which is called a “living fossil”. Salamanders are also the mascot for this aquarium.

In the Penguin Zone, the skeletal preparation of pterosaur is displayed to be compared with penguins. And finally in the event hall (outside the dolphin staduim), a stegosaur’s skeletal preparation is going to wow visitors.

This event will start on July 28th and end on September 30th. For those who plan to visit Kyoto Aquarium on the weekend, especially in August, it is better to go there early in the morning (the aquarium opens at 10:00) or later in the afternoon (the closing time changes sometimes, so be sure to check their official site). Tip: Showing One Day Buss Pass or Subway One Day Free Pass will reduce the price by 10%.

Kyoto Aquarium
Price: 2050 yen/adult, 1550 yen/College & High School Student, 1000 yen/Middle & Elementary School Student, 600 yen/Kids 3 y.o and older
Open Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 or 20:00 (it changes from time to time)

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