How to Enjoy Kamogawa Kawadoko For Less Than 3000 Yen

Kamogawa River offers a special stage to eat on for everyone coming to Kyoto from May to September. It is called Kawadoko, which means river floor. It is literally a floor set up above the river where customers can enjoy the fresh air and festive atmosphere. However, many tourists avoid this style, because it usually requires making a reservation and costs a lot. Except for May and September, kawadoko are available only for dinner. And most of the restaurants offer only course menus that cost more than 5000 yen per person.

If this is a problem, then feel free to make a reservation (Ask the hotel staff to do so). It will be one of the most memorable moments of your Kyoto travel. But for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere and would rather spend money on something else, check out the following locations.

Starbucks Sanjo Ohashi Store
It is the most accessible location for customers, even those with children, to enjoy the Kawadoko experience for less than 500 yen. Because of this price and friendliness, it gets busy. Note that from June to August, the stage opens from 16:00.

Salon de Royal Kyoto
Salon de Royal Kyoto is a specialty chocolate (and cakes) store, which was founded in 1935. It is very fancy store, where customers can choose take-out or enjoy their excellent sweets in the cafe space or kawadoko space (16:00 – 20:30). Note that a customer needs to order a drink and that infants (and strollers) are not allowed.

It is a great idea to enjoy night life in Kyoto with Kawadoko. Note the customers need to pay a charge (1000/person). However, for those who can visit this bar from 18:00 – 20:00 on weekdays (happy hour time), the charge will be free. The Kawadoko stage will close at 11 PM.

Bar ATLANTIS is another bar with Kawadoko. Note that every customer needs to pay a fee of 1000 yen. In addition to a wide range of drinks, they also offer 20 different food such as fish & chips, oysters and cheese plate.

Baan Rim Naam
The authentic Thai food is available here in Kyoto, at the Kawadoko stage in Baan Rim Naam. Although every customer needs to order a drink and pay a charge (500 yen), it is still affordable compared to other restaurants around here. And they have an English menu for foreign customers.

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