Kyoto Ranked No. 1 Sightseeing City in the World Again

Travel + Leisure announced its World’s Best Award for 2015.
Last year (2014), Kyoto finally topped the list as the best sightseeing city among popular and well-known cities. And as the title disclosed, Kyoto successfully kept the throne again for 2015.

Kyoto Imperial Palace
Kyoto Imperial Palace

Although it should be noted that this particular magazine is mainly for fairly wealthy people, as a local w

ho has been spreading information about Kyoto, this is very good news. And hopefully this result will bring even more visitors to Kyoto.

Just as other famous and prestigious cities in the world, Kyoto does have weak points, such as the busy and uncomfortable bus rides. However, there are always a few ways to lessen or completely avoid these obstacles. The key is discovering how to find them and looking for solutions from people actually have visited or information resources. As one of these resources, hopefully we can keep being helpful for every visitor to Kyoto who believes the result of this ranking.

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