Kyoto Marathon 2016 Application Process — July 28th – August 31st

For those who are interested in (or serious about) exercising, especially running, this is the perfect opportunity to visit Kyoto. If a “full marathon in the most prestigious Japanese city” sounds attractive, there is good news.

Photo of Heian Jingu Shrine
Heian Jingu Shrine

Kyoto Marathon 2016 announced its application period. It is from July 28th – August 31st. This will be the 5th, and it will be conducted on February 21st in 2016. This event is very popular, and every time, there are more applicants than the limit of runners, which is about 150000 people. Last year, odds of being accepted as a runner were 1/3.

The following is the basic information on the application.

Name: Kyoto Marathon 2016
Date: February 21st 2016
Application Period: July 28th – August 31st 2015
Application Fee: 15000 yen (for those applying from the multilingual website), or 12000 yen (for those applying from the Japanese site) + 500 yen ticket to donate to regions affected by Tsunami/Earthquake (this is a voluntary basis, and purchasing several tickets can be approved. Note that it will not effect the winning rate).

To apply, visit their official website at Kyoto Marathyon.

This is a new way to enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto. As a local of Kyoto and a Kyoto marathon runner (2015), I thought that the course was carefully chosen to bring runners to some of the most picturesque and historical spots in Kyoto city. There were many participants from foreign countries, and they did seem to enjoy the whole experience. Note that every runner must complete the race within 6 hours though.

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