Enjoy Kyoto’s Popular Udon in New York

While updating the Kyoto Guidebook, I ran across some information that should be pointed out here in this blog.

Our Kyoto Guidebook introduced a Udon restaurant called Omen. And now people in the United States, more specifically, in New York can enjoy their meals.

Udon is a Japanese thick pasta, which can be delicious whether it is served hot or cold. Omen in Kyoto is very popular and has three stores in the city. However, this New York branch, called “A Zen,” is different from the stores in Kyoto. Although Omen is considered as a classy style Udon restaurant, the New York store is even more fancy and more like typical Japanese restaurants in foreign countries, Omen Menu in NY.

Anyhow, for those who are interested in tasting Kyoto’s famous Udon and happen to live in NY, go to Omen “A Zen” and try their flagship meal “Omen” (21.50 USD).

Open Hours: 18:00 – 0:00
TEL: 212-925-8923
113 Thompson Street New York 10012 N.Y. U.S.A

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