Even More Food & Cafe Options at Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station is not just a place for getting on/off & connecting trains but also a very useful place to eat, drink and gift shop. It is even possible to enjoy the view from their observatory.

As explained in “Eat in Underground Kyoto Station Porta“, there are a plenty of options for dining in an underground area called Porta. The Porta area’s only disadvantage is that it is away from the Shinkansen platform. The Shinkansen platform is near Hachijo Exit, which is the furthest from Porta. It might take as much as 10 mins to get to the platform, especially for those who are not familiar with this gigantic station. Furthermore, Porta’s dining area is notoriously famous for being busy.

If eating & resting near the Shinkansen platform sounds more secure, go to the Hachijo side, which is on the opposite side from the Karasuma side entrance where Kyoto Tower can be seen.

Part of the area near the Shinkansen platform has been closed down for renovation since March 2015. This renovation has finished and on August 8th 2015, it re-opened as “Omotenashikoji” (hospitality street).

Now Omotenashikoji includes the following establishments.
Inoda Coffee: This is one of the most popular local coffee chains.
nikiniki: This is a gift shop/small cafe corner which serves a new brand of Yatsuhashi. Yatsuhashi is the most popular sweet, and regarded as a classic gift from Kyoto.
Matchatei Fukujuen: Kyoto’s famous tea brand, Fukujuen produced this shopping/casual cafe space.
Hoshinoya Coffee: Hoshino Coffee is proud of their hand-drip style coffee. With relaxing seats, it is a perfect spot to wait for the Shinkansen.
Kamadotakitategohan Doi: This restaurant focuses on pickled food with rice cooked using an oven.
Sushi no Musashi: This is a casual Sushi restaurant. Although many Sushi dishes are provided on the rotating conveyer, it is better to order directly from the Sushi chef nearby.
Hararyokaku: Hararyokaku is a spice store from Gion. At this location foods using their famous spices are provided.
Kurama: This Japanese restaurant is proudly using food produced in and nearby Kyoto.
Kyo Dining Hachijo: This restaurant provides mainly western style food. Also, this is the only place Kyoto Hachijo craft beer is served.
PASTAMORE: PASTAMORE allows customers to choose the amount of their food, from M, L and LL. And the price is the same whichever size is chosen.
Mcdonald’s: This is the only fast food in this area, which might be convenient depending on the Shinkansen’s departure time.

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