Open Top Bus in Kyoto

An open top bus will be operated in Kyoto from October 2015.
Passengers for this bus need to make a reservation and pay more than the fee for a normal city bus (230 yen).
However, considering the wonderful, fresh experience and view that can be obtained from this bus, it might worth paying the price.

There will be two different courses. Both routes start at Kyoto Station. Personally, assuming that every passenger can take a seat (which should be the case since there is no roof), the course to Kinkakuji Temple sounds attractive. That’s because Kinkakuji Temple is not accessible by train and the city buses going to Kinkakuji Temple are always awfully busy. The two routes are as follows.

1. Nishi Honganji Temple->Nijo Castle->Kyoto Imperial Garden/House of Reisen Family->Kamo Bridge->Biwa Lake Canal->Heian Jingu Shrine->Shorenin Temple->Chion-in->Yasaka Shrine->Kyoto National Museum->Sanjyusangendo Temple->Kyoto Tower->Kyoto Station
2. Nishi Honganji Temple->Nijo Castle->Seimei Shrine->Kitano Tenmangu Shrine->Kinkakuji Temple(40 minutes)->Daitokuji Temple->Kyoto Imperial Park/House of Reisen Family->Kamo Bridge->Biwa Lake Canal->Heian Jingu Shrine->Shorenin Temple->Chion-in Temple->Yasaka Shrine->Minamiza Theater->Kiyomizudera Temple(70 minutes)->Kyoto Tower->Kyoto Station

It is very important to know that this is a bus for enjoying the view. Although there are many spots to visit, basically passengers have no chance to actually go inside of these historical places. In fact, the routes are called 1. Sky Bus Kyoto Gurutto Isshu Drive (going round drive) and 2. Sky Bus KyotoDrive Kinkakumi & Kiyomizudera respectively. Both put stress on “drive”. The first course only takes one hour and the second course takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. In addition, note that this is NOT a hop on-off bus. Kinkakuji Temple and Kiyomizudera Temple are the only spots where passengers can get off and go inside. Please check out other important info below. For those who want to visit and explore every spot, check out “Hop On-Off Bus in Kyoto“.

1. Sky Bus Kyoto Gurutto Isshu Drive
Price: 1800 yen/adult 900 yen/child
Time: 9:00/15:30 (it will take about one hour from start to goal)
Note: The ride that starts at 15:00 will not visit Shorenin Temple and Chion-in, and goes in reverse order.

2. Sky Bus KyotoDrive Kinkakumi & Kiyomizudera
Price: 3000 yen/adult 1600 yen/child
Time: 11:00 (it will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes from start to finish)
Note: The entrance fee to Kinkakuji Temple is included, whereas that of Kiyomizudera Temple is not.

To make a reservation visit :
Unfortunately, because this bus has not been featured on the English Site, it is likely that guidance is provided only in Japanese. Since the reservation form is provided only in Japanese, it is better to ask your hotel staff to reserve by phone instead (075-672-2100).

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