Use Luggage Delivery Service to Hotels in Kyoto

As mentioned many time before on this website, Kyoto has a plenty of places to visit, which is what makes it the sightseeing capital of Japan.

Therefore, it is wise to start sightseeing on the day of arrival in Kyoto. Except for people who arrive at night, it is a good idea to visit at least one place on arrival day. This makes sense, but is difficult to do, because it takes time to find the hotel, carry the luggage to the hotel and check in. In this situation, although the train/bus arrives at Kyoto Station at noon, the actual starting time might be delayed to two to three PM.

There is a service to solve this problem. Use the Luggage Service on the 3rd floor in Kyoto Tower. As introduced in “New Information Center Open At Kyoto Tower“, Kyoto Tower added the big tourist information store on the 3rd floor recently. As a part of this renovation the Luggage Service, jointly run by a delivery company and a railway company, started its business. This is a simple service which delivers tourists’ luggage to the hotels for 1000 yen per bag. This makes it possible for visitors to start sightseeing much sooner and spend their time much more productively, since they can go to the hotel directly after sightseeing.

Note that the luggage needs to be checked in by 2 PM to be delivered on the same day. The Luggage Service also keeps luggage, which will be useful for people who are leaving soon but still have several hours before the train or bus departs.

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