City Bus’s New Route “Okazaki Loop”: Perfect For One Day Sightseeing

From September, Kyoto City Bus started a new service called “Kyoto Okazaki Loop Bus”.
As the name suggests, this bus goes around Okazaki area, where popular sightseeing spots are gathered.

Shorenin Monseki Temple Fall Illumination
Shorenin Monseki Temple Fall Illumination

The best thing about Kyoto Okazaki Loop Bus is that it is useful for sightseeing in this area, since it stops right in front of the popular places, which results in saving transportation time. Also, since this is operated by Kyoto City Bus, the famous 500 yen One Day Pass can be used.

Note that this bus only goes around the Okazaki area, which means that you need to get to this area first. Check out the following information about the bus stops where Kyoto Okazaki Loop Bus can be boarded.

As mentioned before, Okazaki area has several nice sites to visit. Therefore, it is a good idea to use this service and stick to this area for the whole day (Okazaki Loop Bus operates about every 15 minutes from 9:00 – 18:00).

Okazaki Loop Bus stops at:

Kyoto Shiyakushomae (subway station) > Sanjo Keihanmae (subway and Keihan railway station) > Higashiyama Sanjo (subway station) > Higashiyama Niomon > Okazaki Koen, Rohm theater Kyoto & Miyako Messe mae > Dobutsuen Seimon mae (Kyoto Zoo Main Gate) > Nanzenji, Sosui Kinenkan & Dobutsuen Higashimon mae (Nanzenji Temple & Kyoto Zoo East Gate) > Okazaki Hoshojimachi > Okazaki Koen, Kyoto Dobutsuen mae (Kyoto Zoo) > Okazaki Koen, Bijustukan & Heian Jingumae (Two art museums & Heian Jingu Shrine) > Jingumichi > Shorenin mae (Shorenin Temple) > Chion-in Samon mae (Chion-in Temple) > Higashiyama Sanjo (subway station) > Kawaramachi Sanjo > Kyoto Shiyakushomae (subway station)

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