Kiyomizudera & Star Wars Collaboration

The long-awaited new Star Wars movie is coming soon.
There have been many campaigns to promote this movie all over the world.
One of them can be found in Kyoto, more specifically, at Kiyomizudera Temple.

As one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan, Kiyomizudera might be the greatest place to
promote the movie. But how??

This is done by having an artwork created by a top artist, Taro Yamamoto.
He painted a parody work of Fujin & Raijin (Wind God & Thunder God), which has been depicted by many famous artists in Japan. Mr. Yamamoto used two new characters from the latest Star Wars movie, called Rey (instead of the Wind God) and Kylo Ren (instead of the Thunder God).

Also featured is beautiful, bold calligraphy created by Seihan Mori, who is the chief abbot of this temple. The Kanji (Chinese character) he chose was “覚”. This totally makes sense because this character means “remember” or “awake”.

These art works will be displayed at Kiyomizudera Temple from December 8th – 15th.


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