Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus will Extend 230 Yen Zone

The two bus companies in Kyoto, Kyoto City Bus (operated by Kyoto City) and Kyoto Bus, announced that they will extend their flat fare zone to Iwakura and Shugakuin.

Last spring they added the Arashiyama area to the flat fare zone. The new move will make sightseeing by bus in Kyoto even easier. Also, it will bring even more spots to be included in the destination list.

More specifically lines 5, 31, 65, and Kita 8 will be included. The Iwakura and Shugakuin zone have several sightseeing spots. For example, taking line 5 will make it possible to visit Takaragaike Pond (Takaragaike), Shugakuin Imperial Villa (note: reservations are needed) & Akayama Zenin Temple (Shugakuinrikyu-michi), Manshuin Temple (Ichijoji Shimizucho) and Shisendo (Ichijoji Sagarimatsucho) for 230 yen.

Even better, this also means that 500 yen One Day Pass will be applicable to this zone. This extension will begin from March 2016.

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