What is Kyoto Like in Winter

What is Kyoto Like in Winter

Winter in Kyoto
Winter in Kyoto

Kyoto’s winter is notoriously famous, at least in Japan, for being long and cold. Kyoto is located nearly in the center of Japan, but because of its landscape, surrounded by mountains, the summer is humid and hot, and the winter is chilly. That’s something to be noted for those will come to Kyoto during winter times.

And mostly because of the weather, there are much fewer tourists visiting Kyoto during this season. This is good news and also bad news. As a benefit of less people, there will more space even around the busy sightseeing spots (excluding Kiyomizudera Temple). And because of that, the city bus, which is usually busy, has more seats available. However, since there are fewer people coming, there are fewer events.

Prioritization might be different for each traveler. Personally, the benefits of fewer people outweighs the disadvantages. And although there are fewer events, there are still countless of places to visit.

For those who decided to visit Kyoto during the winter, check out the following information about the weather in the past.

December (2014)
The Highest Temperature: 9.3 C (48.74 F)
The Lowest Temperature: 2.2 C (35.96 F)
The Number of Days Snowed: 3

January (2015)
The Highest Temperature: 8.4 C (47.12 F)
The Lowest Temperature: 2.2 C (35.96 F)
The Number of Days Snowed: 11

February (2015)
The Highest Temperature: 9.9 C (49.86 F)
The Lowest Temperature: 2.3 C (36.14 F)
The Number of Days Snowed: 10

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