Hotel Kanra in Kyoto will be Bigger

Odakyu Group, which runs Hotel Kanra, announced their plan to enlarge its hotel by absorbing the adjacent building.

Hotel Kanra is a relatively new hotel conveniently located near Higashi Honganji Temple (ten minute walk from Kyoto Station), which opened in 2010.

It is a luxurious hotel whose rooms are much larger than the average rooms in Kyoto. Although it is a western style hotel, Hotel Kanra incorporates many traditional aspects of Kyoto into its design. But due to its lay out, they had only 29 rooms in total. Not anymore.

Because of their new plan, which includes the addition of the building next to the current hotel, there will be 68 rooms in total. With this initiative, new cafes and restaurants will also be added.

For those who prioritize luxurious setup and convenient location, Hotel Kanra’s new endeavor might be good news. The new, larger Hotel Kanra plans to open in November 2016.

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