Plan Ahead: National Holidays in Japan 2017

When planning a trip to a foreign country, sometimes the national holidays of that country matter. Because depending on the holidays, the shops and facilities will be opened or closed. Of course, this applies to traveling to Kyoto and Japan.

The post “Plan Kyoto Travel – National Holidays in Japan” explains more about why National Holidays are important.

It is especially wise to pay attention to the day of the week the holiday falls on. A lot of facilities, such as museums, close mainly on Mondays, however when the Monday is on one of these holidays, they are open and close instead on the following weekday, usually Tuesdays. In addition, many stores close at the end/beginning of the year.

1st (Sun): New Year’s Day
2nd (Mon): Substitute Holiday
09th (Mon): Coming of Age Day

11th (Sat): National Foundation Day

20th (Mon): Vernal Equinox Day

29th (Sat): Day of Showa

3rd (Wed): Constitution Day
4th (Thu): Greenery Day
5th (Fri): Children’s Day
From April 29th to May 5th, most Japanese people have a week off. So unless this is the only time available for trip, it is wise to avoid this period of the year.


17th (Mon): Marine Day

11th (Fri): Mountain Day
13th-15th (Sun-Tue): Bon Holidays (They are not holidays, but many people take a few days off)
On the 16th, there is a traditional & spiritual ceremony called Gozan Okuribi Bonfire. This makes Kyoto even busier than it already is.

18th (Mon): Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day
23rd (Sat): Autumnal Equinox Day

9th (Mon): Sports Day

3rd (Fri): Culture Day
23rd (Thu): Labor Thanksgiving Day

23rd (Sat): The Emperor’s Birthday

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