Save Money With Kyoto Tower Coupon

Kyoto Tower
Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower is regarded as one of the symbols of Kyoto. It was designed to become a lighthouse for this historical city. It is connected to a hotel called Kyoto Tower Hotel, and on the third floor there is very useful space for foreign visitors. But the most popular spot when it comes to Kyoto Tower is definitely be the observatory.

It’s not the highest observatory in Japan, but the view from here is worth the price, which is 770 yen for adults. However, there is a way to make it even more affordable.

Go to the official website and visit their homepage for a limited coupon by clicking here. It’s obviously in Japanese, but print out the coupon by clicking the part saying “このクーポンを印刷する”. Bring it to the ticket desk and save 70 yen. When using this ticket, there are a few things to be noted.

  1. This ticket is applicable for groups.
  2. It can not be used with other coupons.
  3. There are days that this coupon can not be used.
  4. This ticket is not applicable for Gozan Okuribi viewing (August 16th) and the first sun rise viewing (January 1st).
  5. It has to be printed out.

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