Pokemon Center Coming to Kyoto

Pokemon is a Japanese anime, which has enjoyed popularity all around the world.
And fortunately, especially for those coming to Kyoto with kids, a new Pokemon holy site will open in Kyoto, the Pokemon Center.

Although it is essentially a gift shop, it will be fun for Pokemon fans, no matter where in the world they come from.
The good thing about the Pokemon Center in Kyoto is that it has Kyoto-oriented products, for example, Maiko Pikachu, in addition to products found at their other 9 locations. This should make for an excellent gift idea for kids who love Pokemon. And the venue may conduct some events from time to time.

Pokemon Center in Kyoto is located on the 5th floor in a department store called Takashimaya.
Takashimaya also boasts a restaurant section on the 7th floor, which will be nice to check out before/after paying a visit to the Pokemon Center.

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