Use Kyoto Aquarium Ticket At Kyoto Station

Kyoto Aquarium likes to try experimental campaigns such as offering super affordable breakfast and collaborating with the Dinosaur Museum in Fukui Prefecture.

It also collaborates with many shops and restaurants in and around Kyoto Station as well. For those who have a year pass or even just a one day ticket, it’s a good idea to check for special offers that may be available. When the following sticker is seen, it is possible that a discount may be applicable.

Kyoto Aquarium Sticker
Kyoto Aquarium Sticker

More specifically, the following stores are partners with Kyoto Aquarium for this campaign.

Isetan (department store connected to Kyoto Station)
SUVACO (area with restaurants and shops on the 2nd floor of JR Kyoto Station)
Passageway (main large passage that connects the Karasuma side entrance and the Hachijo side entrance at Kyoto Station)
The Cube (underground area)
Porta (underground area)
Kyoto Ramen Koji (area with several Ramen stores on the 10th floor in Isetan)
South side of the main stairs
Kyoto Theater
Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Note that this campaign will finish on April 30th 2016.

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