Kyoto Imperial Palace Might Open to Public Whole Year

Cherry Blossoms at Imperial Palace
Cherry Blossoms at Imperial Palace

Currently Kyoto Imperial Palace is only open to visitors who make reservations in advance, except for two periods when everyone can go inside without a reservation.

However, the Imperial Household Agency, who legally owns this property, seems to be considering opening the palace everyday. This is due to the fact that it tends to be crowded excessively during these two periods. In addition, it is said that the true intention of the government, who are eager to encourage more people to come to Japan.

Either way, it should be welcomed news to anyone visiting Kyoto, since this will make the Imperial Palace much more accessible and easier to see. Also, there is a rumor that other historical properties, for example, Katsura Imperial Villa might be also open to public for the whole year along with the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

By the way, the Kyoto Imperial Place is going to be open to public without a reservation from April 6th to 10th.

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