Kyoto Railway Museum : Another Kids Friendly Spot in Kyoto

Kyoto Railway Museum will open on April 27th.
Kyoto Railway Museum is the perfect place to visit for those who love trains.
And it might be also a nice spot to go to with children, who tend to get bored easily when visiting historical spots such as temples and shrines.

This new museum boasts a collection of actual trains on display. There will be 53 different railway vehicles including ones that have retired long ago.

Also, as mentioned before, Kyoto Railway Museum is a kid friendly spot, since its theme is defined as “see, touch and experience”. Particularly, the simulator might be fun for kids and adults alike. Furthermore, there is a steam locomotive outside the museum, which actually runs and can be ridden for a small fee (300 yen/adult, 100 yen/child).

If for some reason this museum is not satisfying for your kids, Kyoto Aquarium is in the same area.

The Japanese railway system is regarded as one of the most efficient and convenient in the world. Visit this museum to see the reasons why. For those who are interested, visit the official site to find more.

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