Kyoto Guidebook PDF Version Time-Limited Sale!!

Kyoto in Winter
Kyoto in Winter

Kyoto Guidebook PDF Version has finally been released! To celebrate its debut, we are currently offering Kyoto Guidebook PDF at a SALE price, 3.99 USD (our original price is 9.00 USD)! We are not sure when this campaign will end. So if you are planning to visit Kyoto, be sure to get it right away!!

Here are some great things about this PDF guidebook:

  1. Tons of useful information – from the basics like weather to valuable information only locals know, you can find a tremendous amount of helpful resources.
  2. Easy to read – The font has been enlarged to 14 (from 10.5). This makes it easy to see even on a device with a small screen.
  3. Completely printable – since it is a PDF, you can print out any page you want a physical copy of in addition to bringing the whole thing as a mobile reference.

If you are interested, click here to find more information.

If you are not sure about the contents, why not read it first? In the generous 14 page sample, you can find information on sightseeing spots in the Kinkaku Area. You can download the sample here.

Currently the only payment method we can accept is PayPal, but in the near future credit card payment will also be available.

Or if you rather want to read the guidebook on your Kindle e-book reader or application, then get our Kyoto e-Guidebook on Amazon instead.

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