Go to Kyoto Station Underground for Happy Halloween Events

Although it is relatively new “concept” to Japanese people, Halloween has been spreading into Japanese societies without a doubt. And you can see many Halloween-themed decorations all over Japan. Kyoto is no exception. In fact, you will see it at the entrance of Kyoto, which is a Kyoto Station. More specifically, an underground area of the station called Porta.

If you are in Kyoto now (October 1st – October 30th), and somehow are interested in Halloween tradition in Japan, let’s visit Porta.

Porta will prepare photo booths and workshops including face painting experience (300 yen) on weekends during October. Additionally, they will have a special event called Porta Halloween Marche on 8th and 9th, where you can enjoy shopping and eating Halloween themed products and foods.

Whether you like Halloween or not, it’s a good idea to visit Porta anyway, since they have a good collection of restaurants and cafes.

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