X’mas Illumination in Kitayama, Kyoto

If you are in Kyoto now (December 1st – 25th 2016), go to the Kitayama area in Kyoto, more specifically Kitayama street near Matsugasaki Station (Subway Karasuma line) to view X’mas illumination.

The Kitayama area in Kyoto is very different from other areas in Kyoto, in that Kitayama street has a European-ish atmosphere. And there are several churches on this street, not shrines nor temples.

These churches are mainly used as wedding ceremony venues. This is because many couples want to have a western-style wedding ceremony in Japan, whether they are christian or not, although there is a trend these days that couples are starting to choose Shinto-style ceremonies again.

In any case, from December 1st to 25th, these churches will illuminate their buildings with 100,000 bulbs, which will color this area a gorgeous champagne gold.

The best way to get to the area illuminated is to use the subway Karasuma line and get off at Matsugasaki Station (Exit 1), not Kitayama Station.

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