Winter Arashiyama Illumination, Hanatoro

If you are in Kyoto now (December 9th – 18th), go to Arashiayama at night to enjoy the beautiful illumination.

During these 10 days, the Arashiayama area will hold its annual illumination event called “Hanatoro”. The same event is held in the Hiagashiyama area every year as well in the spring.

The Hanatoro in Arashiyama is known for its beautiful illumination, which takes advantage of the unique landscape. Especially, the one at Bamboo Alley is magical and breathtaking, giving the space a sacred atmosphere.

You can start your illumination trek either from Hankyu Arashiyama Station or JR Saga Arashiyama Station. Note that the illumination ends at 20:30 everyday, this means you need to get there by 19:00 at the latest.

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