Experience Jinushi Shrine’s End of the Year Ceremony

If you are in Kyoto now (December 4th 2016), go to Jinushi Shrine to see their annual the end of the year Shinto ceremony called “Shimai Daikoku” ceremony.

The shrine priest will give a ritual prayer and purify the “love fortune-telling” stones and votive tablets that visitors have left there to wish for finding the future partners. For more information about this shrine, read “3 Shrines Praying for a Mate“.

As explained in “Maple Ritual at Jinushi Shrine in Kiyomizudera Temple“, Jinushi Shrine is located inside Kiyomizudera Temple’s premises. So be sure to enjoy seeing both (note that there is an entrance fee (400 yen/adult)).

This ceremony, officially named Shimai Daikoku, will start at 14:00 on December 4th 2016.

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