Selected Hotels

Before introducing hotels that are highly recommended, it is important to understand that there are three basic types of accommodations in Kyoto; western style hotels, traditional style hotels called Ryokan and hostels. The hotels consist of business hotels and luxury hotels. So what are the differences between Hotels and Ryokans? First of all, Ryokan have a tatami room instead of flooring or carpet and a futon (Japanese style bedding) instead of a bed. Tatami is a mat made by weaving a specific grass called Igusa (rush). Japanese rooms consists of 6 – 10 tatami mats. Unless staying at a fancy Ryokan, Hotels are more comfortable, because most people know how to relax in this environment. For those who are keen to stay at a Ryokan, please check the website of the Ryokan and look at the pictures of the rooms. Some Ryokan rooms do NOT have a private bathroom. However most Ryokans provide gorgeous meals, which explains their price. So for people visiting Kyoto just for a couple days, then staying at a Ryokan might be interesting.

There are hundreds of hotels in Kyoto. However, it is not an ideal solution to list all of them here. Therefore, one good hotel for luxury western hotel, economical western hotel, Japanese Ryokan and hostel is listed in each Area. This list might be changed from time to time.

Kyoto Station Area

Economical Hotel

Shin Miyako Hotel

3 minutes from Kyoto Station. Recently, this hotel added a new building. This hotel has a gorgeous garden, which is sometimes used for weddings.
Tel: +81 75 661 7111

Luxury Hotel

Hyatt Regency Kyoto

A few minutes from Sanjyu Sangedo Temple. Spa and fitness facilities are provided. Breakfast is highly rated.
Tel: +81 75 541 1234


Nagomiyado TOWA

This Ryokan’s customer service is highly rated. Altough it is not a new hotel, is was recently renovated. Every room has a toilet and bath tub. For those with heavy suitcases, use a taxi.
Tel: +81 75 371 5421
Map: 2B Kyoto Station 2


Tomato Guest House

10 minutes from Kyoto Station. Staff are very friendly and they have many repeaters. Nishi Honganji Temle is within walking distance.
Tel: +81 75 203 8228

Town Area

Ecomoical Hotel

Hearton Hotel Kyoto

Located in a convenient area, Karasuma Oike. It is luxurious considering this is a business hotel. WiFi is provided.
Tel: +81 75 222 1300

Luxury Hotel

Royal Park Hotel Kyoto

Recently built. Although it is located in a busy area, it successfully maintains its modern and luxurious atmosphere. LAN is provided.
Tel: +81 75 241 1111



One of the most famous and luxurious Ryokans in Kyoto. It started its business almost two hundreds years ago. There is an old building and a new building. Conveniently located.
Tel: +81 75 221 1136

Kiyomizu & Gion Area

Economical Hotel

Hotel Sunroute Kyoto

Reasonably priced hotel, located between Shijo Street and Gojo Street. LAN is provided at each room while WiFi is provided on the lobby.
Tel: +81 75 371 3711

Luxury Hotel

The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto

It is located in between Heian Jingu Shrine and Chionin Temple. Beautiful Higashiyama Mountain is right next to the hotel. Free shuttle bus is provided (To/from Kyoto Station). This hotel has a fitness center, swimming pools and tennis courts (all paid). WiFi/Lan is provided.
Tel: +81 75 771 7111


Gion Hatanaka

Yasaka Shrine and Kodaiji Temple are both within walking distance. The perefect place to enjoy the elegant atmosphere in Gion. Note that only Japanese website exists at this moment. However, it is easy to find information on most hotel booking sites.
Tel: +81 75 541 5315


Kyoto Guest House Rakuza

It is a gurest house located in the Gion Area. 7 minutes from Hankyu Line’s Kawaramachi station. Free WiFi is provided.
Tel: +81 75 561 2242

Nijo Demachi Area

Luxury Hotel

ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Kyoto

One minute from Nijo Castle and Nijojomae Station (Subway Tozai). It has a beautiful Japanese style garden in its premises. Shuttle Bus to and from Kyoto Station is free of charge.
Tel: + 81 75 2 231 1155


Kyoto Guest House Hannari

Close to Nijo Castle. Reasonably priced hostel with free WiFi and breakfast (toast and jam).
Tel: +81 75 803 1300

Arashiyama Area


Hoshinoya Kyoto

Best for honeymoons or special occasions. From service, food, and location to the view from its room, everything is perfect. Guests will be escourted to the hotel via a boat.
Tel: +81 50 3786 0066