Kyoto Guidebook PDF Version

Kyoto Guidebook Cover Photo
Kyoto Guidebook Cover Photo

Make Your Kyoto Travel Enjoyable, Memorable and Stress-free!

This guidebook is original and unique. Usually traditional guidebooks give information on sightseeing spots in general. This Kyoto e-Guidebook focuses on making your trip fun, memorable and stress-free, in addition to providing useful information.

From world-famous temples to restaurants known only to locals, this guidebook has all the information you need for a fun filled trip to Kyoto. Whether you are staying for a week or an afternoon, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see something unique in this beautiful city.

Includes open dates and closing times for most major attractions. Shop and restaurant recommendations are personally chosen by a local of Kyoto. Seasonal information about special events such as festivals and illumination is also included. Contains easy to read maps of all sections of the city. There is also important information about how to handle a variety of situations in Japan, from buying a train ticket, to going to a hot spring, to calling the police in case of an emergency.

Bonus material such as a scavenger hunt and historical quiz can make for interesting reading and a fun time for everyone.

The following is an example of contents you can find in this Kyoto Guidebook.

Climates and Seasons in Kyoto
Special Events & Festivals
10 Places to Visit
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Kyoto Illumination Event Calender
Historical Figures in Kyoto
How to Pray in Shrines
And much more!!

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If you would like to have a peek inside, you can download a sample PDF by clicking here.

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